techorama, deep knowledge IT conference
May 06 - 08 | 2024 Antwerp | Belgium

Buy your tickets for Techorama 2023

All tickets will need to be bought via the Pretix Ticketing Platform. You can buy tickets directly via card, or you can choose to order tickets and pay by bank transfer. For every order you will receive a detailed invoice with your company information and optionally your reference message. Make sure your invoice details are correct before ordering your ticket(s).

Early Bird tickets (€50 discount) are available from December 1 (2023) until January 31 (2024).

Regular conference tickets are available from February 1 until March 31, 2024.

A late bird fee (€100) will be applied after April 1, 2024.

2 / 1

2-day conference


- May 6- 8 -

  • Access to Keynotes
  • Access to all sessions
  • Access to Expo Hall
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Drinks
  • Access to Closing Reception
  • Participation in prize draw
  • Techorama Goodie Bag

Techorama pricing scheme

Organizing a conference like Techorma is quite an undertaking, and we work as a group from the community to make this work every year. To make Techorama happen, we need to finance many things beforehand, and you help us by booking your tickets as early as possible.

Therefore we want to make our early bookers happy by providing discounts. We have a registration period starting now that we call early bird. Here we provide a discount of 50 Euro (total price for a 2-day conference ticket, excl. VAT = 695 euro).

Starting February 1st, all discounts are gone. This means you will pay the full price for a ticket (total price for a 2-day conference ticket, excl. VAT = 745 euro).
Starting April 1st, we enter the Late Bird Stage. Here, we add an additional 100 Euro to the price to compensate for the additional costs we have for pre-financing the event. 

So, it is important to understand that Techorama prices will be most expensive when you buy them late. We use this pricing scheme to help us pre-finance the full event, and we hope you will support us by buying your tickets as early as possible.

Ticket Terms & Conditions

Please refer to this page for our terms and conditions.