Techorama 2018 Workshops

On May 22, the day before Techorama, we are organizing 9 workshops where you can catch some of our top speakers for a full day of deep learning. Bring your own machine so that you can get a hands-on learning experience.

Our workshop instructors:

  • John Craddock
  • Pinal Dave
  • Chander Dhall
  • Kathleen Dollard
  • Paula Januszkiewicz
  • Michele Leroux-Bustamante
  • Leonard Lobel
  • Agnes Molnar
  • Christian Weyer & Thorston Hans

Practical information:

Location: Lindner Hotel, Antwerp & Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp
Parking available under Antwerp Central Station. Also easy to reach using public transport!

All workshops include breakfast, lunch and drinks throughout the entire day.

Enterprise Search Masterclass

Agnes Molnar

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36 Scripts: Performance Tricks Jedi Master Wants You to Know

Pinal Dave

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Mastering Angular and ASP.NET Core

Chander Dhall

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Masterclass: Hacking and Hardening Windows Infrastructure Workshop

Paula Januszkiewicz

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A Deep-dive Roundup of Cloud Identity Solutions

John Craddock

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Developer Dive into SQL Server 2016

Leonard Lobel

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Modern Cross-Platform Business Applications with Cordova, Electron, PWA & Serverless Backends

Thorsten Hans

Christian Weyer

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I will make you a better C# developer – 2018 edition

Kathleen Dollard

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ASP.NET Core and Docker on Azure – from development through deployment

Michele Leroux-Bustamante

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