Techorama 2018 Workshops

On May 22, the day before Techorama, we are organizing 8 workshops where you can catch some of our top speakers for a full day of deep learning. Bring your own machine so that you can get a hands-on learning experience.

Our workshop instructors:

  • John Craddock
  • Pinal Dave
  • Peter Himschoot
  • Kathleen Dollard
  • Paula Januszkiewicz
  • Michele Leroux-Bustamante
  • Leonard Lobel
  • Christian Weyer & Thorston Hans

Practical information:

Location: Lindner Hotel, Antwerp
Parking available under Antwerp Central Station. Also easy to reach using public transport!

All workshops include breakfast, lunch and drinks throughout the entire day.

36 Scripts: Performance Tricks Jedi Master Wants You to Know

Pinal Dave

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.NET Core and Angular 5 workshop

Peter Himschoot

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Masterclass: Hacking and Hardening Windows Infrastructure Workshop

Paula Januszkiewicz

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A Deep-dive Roundup of Cloud Identity Solutions

John Craddock

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Developer Dive into SQL Server 2016

Leonard Lobel

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Modern Cross-Platform Business Applications with Cordova, Electron, PWA & Serverless Backends

Thorsten Hans

Christian Weyer

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I will make you a better C# developer – 2018 edition

Kathleen Dollard

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ASP.NET Core and Docker on Azure – from development through deployment

Michele Leroux-Bustamante

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