May 17 - 19 | 2021 Online Conference

Diversity @Techorama

At Techorama, we want to make our conference a conference where everyone feels welcome. We try to improve each year to make sure we have everything in place so you feel at home. Of course, this takes time and we have to make trade-offs.


Currently, at Techorama, we offer the following facilities:

  • Code of Conduct: please see our Code of Conduct page on our website. This is applied at the conference for all participants, partners and staff. Failing to obey the Code of Conduct can result in being denied access to the conference. Techorama reserves the right to deny access to individuals or companies that have violated the Code of Conduct. If you have any questions, please send to
  • Security staff is available at the venue at all times
  • Language: all conference sessions are in English. Attendees are encouraged to speak English or their own language to engage in conversation.
  • Speaker line-up: we strive to create a diverse group of speakers. Techorama has an open call-for-papers. We are however not committing to certain quota at this point. Techorama does not do a full blind selection process since we aim for the best speakers in the industry. We use a number of selection criteria to nominate our workshop/conference speakers.
  • Prayer room: we have a room in place where attendees can retreat for prayer
  • Assistant access: if you require assistance to help you at the event, their access is free.
  • Sign language access: if you require a sign language assistant, they get free access to the conference. Techorama does not provide sign language interpreters.
  • Accessibility: the venue is fully equipped (rooms and partner expo) for wheelchair access
  • Dietary requirements: our caterer has several options available if you have dietary needs. Please let us know before the conference via


Improving ourselves is what we aim for. If you feel we’re not doing a good job or you think we should prioritize a certain aspect, let us know.