May 15 - 17 | 2023 Antwerp | Belgium
09:00 - 17:00

Mastering Entity Framework Core

Why should I care about Entity Framework Core?

It's very good nowadays and if you're not considering it for your project, you're missing out. And to consider it, you need to know it! And even if you're using it, I bet I can show you something that you didn't know, because the pace of new features is pretty amazing last couple of years.

You have the unique opportunity to get to know 90% of features in less than 24 hours from somebody who has been in the Entity Framework (Core) turmoils since 2007, wrote couple of providers and spoke about it for more than a decade.

Topics include (but are not limited to):
* Database and provider configuration
* Creating and configuring model
* Inheritance, table splitting, keyless entities, shadow properties, converters, comparers, ...
* Lazy loading, split queries, custom SQL queries
* Custom mapping and custom functions
* Change tracking, ID generation, transactions, concurrency, batching
* Services configuration and implementing your own


* Visual Studio 2022 (or VS Code, Rider, ...)
* SQL Server (any edition)

Jiří Činčura

Hello. My name is Jiří Činčura. And I write code – aka I’m a developer.

I focus on anything that spans data access layers, business layers, testing, databases, parallelism, debugging, operating system concepts, cloud and scaling, programming language constructs and whatever is in between.

I’m a long-time contributor to open-source. I’ve been doing it for over two decades. I’m a project lead for ADO.NET provider (and related providers like Entity Framework Core) for Firebird (the database). I work as a software engineer for Microsoft in .NET/performance area.

When not writing code I’m speaking, teaching and writing about topics above. I speak at conferences, user groups, companies, … and to whoever will listen. And write even for just a single reader. Because I like doing it.

You can find a lot of code here on the blog and on my GitHub. If you use Firebird and like .NET, you might be interested in FbNetExternalEngine project or FirebirdDbComparer. My application ID3 renamer might help you to keep your MP3 files in order.

And finally, I also run and do yoga. I like running long, so called ultra, distances. Preferably in the mountains. For yoga I’m practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, because I like the connection between physical and mental self. But lately, I’ve been neglecting these hobbies

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