May 23 - 25 | 2022 Antwerp | Belgium
09:00 - 17:00

Let's build a modern API for your frontend

What does a backend developer need to know for setting up a modern, high quality API on Azure for your frontend apps.

Let's break it down in different parts iteratively incorporate the practices into our API and consuming application.

We will touch upon following elements:
- Azure PaaS vs Serverless.
- Bringing your API to enterprise standards, including: Route prefixes (representing domains), API versioning, OpenApi, Logging, Caching, integrated validation, Active Directory integration and many more.
- Consuming your modern API in a mobile application or SPA site while paying attention to good practices.

During this workshop, we'll use the latest available bits in Azure, .NET 6 APIs. For the frontend consumers, we have samples available in MAUI and Blazor to touch both mobile and web.

Glenn Versweyveld - Bart Lannoeye

About Bart

Consultant during the day, hobbyist at night. Bart is an independent consultant, and technical architect at AE focusing on the Microsoft technology stack, covering anything between cloud and backend services to Windows and mobile. He’s always open for a new challenge and eager to learn. Bart keeps a personal blog at on which he describes his discoveries and findings on the problems he encounters during his daily tasks.

About Glenn

Glenn Versweyveld is a developer with interest in everything surrounding Microsoft and .NET in particular, currently working as a Technical Business Analist at Reynaers Aluminium.
Still loves Windows Phone, but don't judge him for it :)