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May 06 - 08 | 2024 Antwerp | Belgium

Application Building with .NET Aspire & ASP.NET Core 8

Monday 06 May

09:00 - 17:00

Jon Galloway

In this workshop, you'll get an introduction to building distributed applications with .NET Aspire and ASP.NET Core 8.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to create a new application using .NET Aspire, use service discovery to orchestrate microservices, backend resources, and a Blazor front-end. You'll learn how to leverage and customize the new .NET Aspire dashboard to manage the application, and you'll learn how to deploy the application to Azure.

This workshop is targeted at participants who are interested in learning how to build web and API applications in ASP.NET Core and .NET Aspire. You can be new to .NET, or be building ASP.NET Core applications already, but some basic development experience is expected.

Jon is a Program Manager on the .NET team. He’s been developing software professionally since the late 1990’s, and over the years has written several books, popular .NET tutorials and samples, a top speaker on Microsoft Virtual Academy, and worked behind the scenes on large Microsoft keynote demonstrations. He’s helped run the Herding Code podcast for 10 years, and tweets as @jongalloway.