More speakers added to the agenda

We’re getting really close now to the completion of the Techorama 2017 agenda. We have added quite a long list of new speakers to the agenda this week. We’re happy to announce that the following speakers will join us for Techorama 2017:

  • Jakob Gotlieb-Svendsen (Sweden)
  • Tjorven Denorme (Belgium)
  • Laurent Bugnion (Switzerland)
  • Thomas Vochten (Belgium)
  • Robert Hedblom (Sweden)
  • Thomas Larock (USA)
  • Jörgen Nilsson (Sweden)
  • Vincent Biret (Canada)
  • Dieter Wijckmans (Belgium)
  • Brian Lagunas (USA)
  • Amahdy Abdelaziz (Finland)
  • Paolo Pialorsi (Italy)
  • Karel Coenye (Belgium)

Next week, we are filling the last open gaps in the agenda and we’ll also announce the sessions from the Ultimate and Platinum partners.

For a full overview of our agenda, check out the agenda page. Don’t forget that once you have registered for Techorama 2017, you can start creating your own schedule for the event using Sched. Check your mailbox for a personal invite!