New week, more sessions announced!

In the run towards Techorama 2017, we are announcing new speakers every week through January and February. This week is no exception to that rule. We are proud to add to the agenda the following speakers:

  • Jennifer Stirrup (UK)
  • Rene Van Osnabrugge (NL)
  • Jason Alba (USA)
  • Johan Delimon (BE)
  • Todd Fine (USA)
  • Rik Hepworth (UK)
  • Roy Cornelissen (NL)
  • Tim De Keukelaere (BE)
  • Nico Jacobs (BE)
  • Enrico Campidoglio (SE)
  • Els Putzeys (BE)
  • Dennis Doomen (NL)
  • Dimitri De Jonghe (DE)
  • Nick Trogh (BE)

Check out the agenda which is getting more complete every week!