techorama, deep knowledge IT conference
May 06 - 08 | 2024 Antwerp | Belgium

Announcing the workshops for Techorama 2024


We are proud to present another fantastic set of workshops for Techorama 2024. All Techorama workshops run on May 6 in Van Der Valk Antwerpen and come with breakfast and lunch. You can buy standalone tickets or get a great deal on a combi-ticket which gives access to the workshop and the conference at a reduced price!

This year, we have the following workshops planned:

  • Application Building with .NET Aspire & ASP.NET Core 8 (Jon Galloway)
  • Building scalable, cloud native, distributed systems in .NET (Nick Chapsas)
  • Practical Introduction to Event Sourcing (Okar Dudycz)
  • Reliable Messaging with Azure (Daniel Marbach)
  • Residuality Theory Workshop (Barry O'Reilly)
  • Making Magic with Generative AI (Jeff Prosise)
  • 0 (Zero) to Hero: Essential SQL Server Performance Tuning for Everybody (Pinal Dave)
  • Bulletproof APIs: Hands-On API Security (Philippe De Ryck)
  • Cyber Security: Protect Your Organization with Microsoft Sentinel (Els Putzeys)
  • Compare T-SQL with PostgreSQL (Uwe Ricken)

Visit our workshop page for all information!