techorama, deep knowledge IT conference
May 06 - 08 | 2024 Antwerp | Belgium

Announcing our partner sessions

speaker 10.png

Techorama wouldn't be Techorama without its partners. This year, we're lucky again to have so many companies that support us and they will be present with a booth. Our Ultimate and Platinum partners are also delivering a technical session at our conference. Today, we are proud to announce these sessions as part of our agenda.

  • Microsoft: GenAI Multi-agents: The New Frontier in Software Development (Pierre Malarme & Jorge Garcia Ximenez)
  • Cronos: Goodbye Azure Kubernetes Service! Hello Azure Container Apps! (Johnny Hooyberghs)
  • Axxes: The Mario Kart™ guide to building a career (Hannes Lowette)
  • U2U: The Developer's Guide to AI Powered Apps with Semantic Kernel
  • Particular: Implementing the planet's largest e-commerce site using service boundaries (Dennis Van Der Stelt)
  • DotnetLab: .NET Microservices with Dapr - too much abstraction or the way to go? (Marc Mûller)
  • Delaware: Integrating AI in Testing (Frederik Declerck)
  • Cegeka: Value Objects, objects of great value (Raf Van Baelen)
  • Progress: .NET Developer Productivity  (Sam Basu)
  • Codit: What I have learned from implementing a landing zone using Bicep (Steven De Lausnay)
  • Xebia: Mock your OpenID Connect Provider (Kristof Riebbels)
  • AllPhi: Practical guidelines to improve your code readability (Ben Luts)
  • Elmos: TBA