May 15 - 17 | 2023 Antwerp | Belgium

Win prizes at our Wheel of Fortune!

Win prizes at our Wheel of Fortune!

Techorama 2022 will feature a HUGE Wheel of Fortune, you can find it in the main Partner Area. Want to spin the wheel? It's easy!

All our partners have various casino coins, when you collect 5 different coins, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune. Or, use your $100 Techorama bill, which you will get during check-in, and play one of the casino game (Black Jack / Roulette / Carribean Stud Poker). When you have won $300, you can play too!

And our wheel can you get many prizes, including a free ticket for Techorama 2023 ! So, get visiting those partners and you may get lucky!

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