May 15 - 17 | 2023 Antwerp | Belgium
09:00 - 17:00

Practical Microsoft 365 Baseline Governance

Office 365 Distilled, the podcast that blends Microsoft technology and a good dram, introduced the concept of “Baseline Governance” as a tool to deploy Microsoft 365 applications safely across the business rapidly. Using Agile techniques, Steve and Marijn, in this session, will provide practical advice and tools that you can use in your organization to drive governance iteratively and turn you into the company’s IT rockstar.

Workshop Outline

Let’s Kick off Governance:
Understand the context of governance and the different areas that governance can be applied within. As we think M365 lifecycle, the list of items that need to be managed and controlled, extends from setting up the tenant to managing and driving a Production M365 environment.

Baseline Governance
The concept of Baseline Governance is to identify the benchmark that needs to be achieved to move forward. This benchmark starts a consistent process to roll out M365 services.
The point to remember is that governance constantly changes; when the high-priority items are controlled, a service can start. Baseline Governance identifies and manages the high-risk items from the start and builds in the lower priorities as part of the ongoing improvement process of the service.

Governance Model
We will introduce a model that will drive governance success across your organization. Governance is not IT control but a business opportunity. We will look at a 5-step model for governance and identify how you can implement this in your company.
Define | Review | Adapt | Approve | Publish.
As this is a practical course, you will build your governance plan for your organization identifying the risks and solutions to move you forward on your return to the workplace.

Roles and Responsibility
Anyone can approve a document, but do they have the credibility to ensure it carries the weight required for enablement? Several roles in accepting a new standard or design drive governance. This course section will look at the roles required to ensure a governance process works.
Your governance board will be structured to give your policies and decisions appropriate credibility that will drive them through the organization creating a baseline for change and acceptance.

We will look at the RASCI matrix and bring together the roles, governance line items and identify who within your organization is best positioned to implement a governance model that will work. Using the Office 365 Disilled workbooks, you will identify the right person with the right position in your company to take on the right levels of Responsibility, Accountability, Support, Consultation, or Information.

We bring the workshop to a close by building a solid process for achieving Governance that incorporates the learning from the previous sections. Successful governance is not delivered with one meeting per month but needs to be incorporated into your Solutions strategy, management boards and improvement actions already taking place.

Marijn Somers - Steve Dalby

About Marijn

Marijn is an Office365 specialist and Microsoft MVP who has over 16 years experience implementing the full value of information worker solutions in any organization, large and small. He loves to share his experiences as a speaker on international events and blogger. In 2016 he launched “Mijn 365 Coach”, a portfolio of video products helping end users onboard with and on top of the quick moving world of Office 365. He does consultancy via Balestra and has a podcast called #Office365Distilled.

About Steve

Starting my Collaboration journey by anticipating the release of SharePoint server 2001 and updated with an invitation to be an MVP. I tell stories from experience and real-world examples of how we implement M365 Apps and Services. With a background in Stand-up comedy and 20+ years of experience moving people to collaborative working. My stories are helping everyone identify the value they can bring to their organizations. Delivering MS Teams & SharePoint Change to companies like Heineken, US Army, Atlas Copco, and Euroclear Bank. I now head up the Infrastructure Services team at Lineas Belgium.

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