Developing with the SharePoint Framework

09:00 - 17:00

The SharePoint Framework or SPFx is a brand-new development model that allows us to create modern client-side SharePoint experiences. The first release candidate came out January 2017 on SharePoint Online and should come later this year to SharePoint Server 2016 as well. The new SharePoint Framework uses open source tooling and is entirely build on top of JavaScript.

Participants of the workshop will get familiar with the new client-side web parts. They will learn about all required libraries and tools to start developing with the SharePoint Framework: TypeScript, Node.js, React, Knockout, gulp, yeoman, Office UI fabric…

Topics covered during the workshop:

  • What is SharePoint Framework?
  • Preparing your machine for the SharePoint Framework
  • Strongly typed JavaScript with TypeScript
  • Building Client-Side Web Parts
  • Loading SharePoint and Office365 data in client web parts
  • Using and building React components for the SharePoint Framework
  • Brand your client web parts with Office-UI-Fabric

Participants of this workshop should have a basic understanding of JavaScript front-end development. Knowing your way around SharePoint from an end-user perspective is recommended.

Tommy Vanhee

Tommy started working as a .NET consultant and architect 15 years ago and has been working with SharePoint since 2008. He joined U2U in 2014 as a trainer on Web Development, .NET, SharePoint, CRM and PowerShell. Tommy developed multiple courses on SharePoint front-end development including our new SharePoint Framework training.