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May 06 - 08 | 2024 Antwerp | Belgium

Building applications with Azure Container Apps

Monday 15 May

09:00 - 17:00

Will Velida

Azure Container Apps enables developers to build containerized applications without having to worry about managing complex orchestrators like Kubernetes. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to provision Container App environments to Azure and run containers to Container Apps.

This workshop is ideal for attendees who have some familiarity with containers and Kubernetes but are looking at a simpler method of running containers in Azure. By the end of the workshop, attendees will be proficient in building and managing Container Apps

- What are Container Apps?
- How does Container App compare to other offering on Azure?
- Provisioning Container App resources in Azure with Bicep
- Deploying applications to Container Apps with GitHub Actions
- Managing application lifecycle with Azure CLI and GitHub Actions
- Configuring and using Dapr in Container Apps
- Monitoring and Logging in Container Apps
- Scaling Container Apps with KEDA
- Networking options in Container Apps.

Required software and prerequisites:

- An Azure subscription
- Some familarity with Azure (bonus points for existing PaaS offerings for containers!)
- Visual Studio Code
- Bicep
- .NET 6
- Git
- Dapr
- Docker Desktop

I'm a Customer Engineer for Microsoft working in the Fast Track for Azure team focusing on Azure Application development and modernization. I'm passionate about Serverless and Container technologies and about helping developers build great things using these technologies.

Away from my keyboard, I enjoy hiking and kayaking around the beautiful land of New Zealand