May 23 - 25 | 2022 Antwerp | Belgium
09:00 - 17:00

Azure Synapse SQL Pools Unleashed!

Are you ready to unlock the massive power of Synapse SQL Pools? Do you want to see some of the features that are coming and what impact they will have on your workloads?

Join us to learn and apply the best strategy when it comes to ingesting and consuming your data with Azure Synapse! The day will be packed with tips and tricks for your Data Warehouse from two folks who work on the largest deployments in the world!

In the morning we will ease into Synapse and explaining all key features, from there on we will deep dive into the Polaris engine and how it changes the game. Focus of the morning will be around Dedicated SQL pools and how to get the best performance out of it. We will look at loading patterns and ways to optimize these, table distribution issues, security features, statistics handling, workload management, streaming data and indexing strategies!

After lunch we handle the other side of our Synapse Pool environment: Serverless. We will explain how it works, and how to optimize the reading patterns. We will touch upon delta lake and how it fits in, parquet file structure, flat file differences, security features, partitioning strategies, optimized data loading with Spark and many more.

After this day you will be able to tackle any issues you face to build a performant, cost efficient and dynamic data warehouse with Azure Synapse SQL Pools.

Filip Popović & Stijn Wynants

About Filip

Filip is Program Manager working in Microsoft Development Center Serbia on Azure Synapse Analytics, particularly serverless SQL pool. His primary focus area is performance. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2019. Filip spent 10+ years in software and financial services industry delivering business analytics solutions based on Microsoft technology stack.

About Stijn

Stijn is a Microsoft Senior Customer Engineer in Data & AI, former-MVP & DataMinds (Belgian Data Platform User Group) core member. He is also one of the organisers of the local user group sessions & the yearly event called DataMinds Connect (SQL Server Days). He spends his days working hands-on with the largest Synapse Deployments in the world, he enjoys tuning environments and driving products to their limit!