Jun 02 - 04 | 2020 Antwerp, Belgium
09:00 - 17:00

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning (ML) helps you with every aspect of the machine learning process. Learn how to manage datasets, build models automatically, graphically or with code, and deploy them as a REST service in one day!

A great way to get started in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning is with Azure Machine Learning service. This 1 day workshop first introduces the most important concepts on machine learning in general. Then, in the next 3 modules, the different types of machine learning are demonstrated and practiced:
Automated machine learning is an easy yet powerful way to get started. The Azure ML service tries a few different approaches and reports back how well they performed.
The Designer is handy for people who want to have more control over the machine learning pipeline but do not want to become experts in computer languages such as Python or R.
Finally Python can be used to full control over the machine learning process. But even then Azure can help by logging the outcome of the experiments, provide easy to configure docker images to run the machine learning code, or in generating web services to consume the results.
Curious to see all of this in action, and even to have some hands-on experience with this? Be sure then to attend this workshop! The workshop requires no prior knowledge of machine learning nor statistics, but some familiarity with the Azure portal in general is assumed if you want to participate in the hands-on labs.

Aniek Sies and Nico Jacobs

As a trainer at U2U, Aniek is involved in data- and BI related courses on technologies such as SQL Server, Power BI and Azure Machine Learning Studio and Service. Before joining U2U, she did a PhD in quantitative psychology, in which she developed and applied machine learning methods for optimally assigning patients to different treatments, and worked as a data analyst in Proximus.

Dr. Nico Jacobs is a Microsoft Business Intelligence and SQL Server trainer and consultant at U2U since 2004. Before that, he was a machine learning (data mining) researcher at the computer science department of the University of Leuven where he obtained a PhD in machine learning.
At U2U, Nico creates and delivers courses on the SQL Server business intelligence stack (Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services …), Power BI, Azure Cortana Intelligence (Big Data) and the traditional relational database environment (database development and administration).