Azure Automation and Templates

09:00 - 17:00

This hands-on workshop will help you understand and work with Azure Automation DSC and Azure RM templates. At the end of the day you will have learned how to create Azure resources with templates and how to install and configure your VMs through PowerShell Desired State Configuration.
This way you can completely automate your Azure deployments.

Workshop outline
In this workshop we will take a look at two important mechanisms that you can use for deployment automation in Azure. At the end of the day we will bring them together to provide a full-fledged solution.
Part 1: Azure RM Templates
An ARM template is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file that defines one or more resources to deploy to a resource group. It also defines the dependencies between the deployed resources. The template can be used to deploy the resources consistently and repeatedly.
In this part we will look at the syntax and different components of a template. We will author templates using different tools: the Azure portal and Visual Studio Code.
You will create the necessary templates to deploy a VM and related resources (storage account, network …) to Azure.
Part 2: Azure Automation Desired State Configuration
With Azure Automation DSC, you can consistently deploy, reliably monitor, and automatically update the desired state of all your IT resources. Built on PowerShell DSC, Automation DSC can align machine configuration with a specific state across physical and virtual machines (VMs), using Windows or Linux, and in the cloud or on-premises.
In this part we will talk about PS DSC, take a look at a configuration file and learn how to make that configuration available in Azure for on-boarded VMs to apply it.
You will create a DSC configuration that can completely automate the deployment of a webserver, including the installation of IIS, copying the necessary files and creating a website.
Part 3: Bringing it all together
By combining the ARM templates and DSC configuration files, we will be able to automatically deploy new web servers at any time, in any environment with minimal effort.

Session prerequisites
Basic understanding of Azure and Azure resources
Basic understanding of Windows Server and PowerShell

Session goals
Session Goal 1:
Learn how to create Azure RM templates and use them for automatic deployments of resources.
Session Goal 2:
Learn about PS DSC and how it can help you to further automate your Azure VM configuration.
Session Goal 3:
Create a full-fledged solution for the deployment of a new web server in Azure Resource Manager.

Additional notes
This workshop will contain labs that allow you to put the topics we talk about in practice.
To participate, you will need a laptop and an Azure (trial) subscription.

Els Putzeys

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Els Putzeys has knowledge on Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, Azure and Office 365.

As a trainer, Els brings her real-world experience to the classroom.

At U2U, she is responsible for the training material for all IT Pro courses.