The search for the Golden Ticket is on!

Joining us for Techorama 2017? Well, why not try and win a free ticket for Techorama 2018 while you’re there? We’re launching the hunt for the “Techorama 2018 Golden Ticket” at Techorama this year.

What do you need to do? Well, it’s dead simple. We’ve hidden some golden tickets in the goodie bags. If you find one of the little fellows as shown below, BINGO, you’ve got yourself a ticket for Techorama 2018 for free! So make sure to pick up your goodie bag at the reception when arriving at Techorama and search that bag thoroughly. If you find it, make sure to be at the closing reception on Day 2 to claim your prize!

Happy hunting!


PS: there will be some other chances to win a Golden Ticket. But we’re not telling them. Yet. And of course, there are numerous other prizes to be won during our Techorama booth game again!