May 15 - 17 | 2023 Antwerp | Belgium



We keep people and organizations digitally fit and secure.

How are we able to do so? Thanks to almost 40 years of experience in implementing technology and guiding organizations strategically – always with an insistence on human adoption and progression.

Modern workplace

Xylos sets up a productive and secure digital workplace your people thrive in. They thrive because we offer 360° end user adoption: solutions that range from training and coaching in the workplace to digital learning platforms and products. Xylos’ managed services specialists are there to unburden your IT from daily workplace management and end user support.

Modern (hybrid) cloud infrastructure

We design and deliver a (hybrid) cloud architecture for your workplace technology to run in. We future proof your application landscape, so you can count on continuous performance and security. Through a unique program, Xylos’ cloud experts guide and train your IT team to adopt the necessary cloud technology skills. They are also there to assume the daily management of your IT landscape. Their proactive and application-focused approach always maintains your business’ efficacy.

To get a taste of our key cloud services, check out the trailer video below.

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