May 17 - 19 | 2021 Online Conference



We are Xpirit.

In a world of fast technology, hard numbers and brief and impersonal online encounters, Xpirit introduces companies and people to an entirely new ball game.


Xpirit makes the difference by empowering its people on a personal and professional level. With a strong sense of work ethics and ethos, our Xpirit consultants share their knowledge and execute their agile skills to optimize a company’s soft and hard assets.


At Xpirit it’s all about small details, equality, positivity and hard work. With a touch of quirkiness, common sense and out-of-the-box thinking, our consultants bring the Xpirit values to customers and to the community.


Take knowledge sharing and team approach, to name just a few of those values. Each Xpirit consultant is backed up by our entire team and benefits from our collective wealth of know-how. Many of our customers have first-hand experience of this and have commented: “You don’t just get a single consultant – you get their entire team!”


Coaching the customer is yet another value, and true to our slogan ‘We show it, you join and do it yourself’. We transfer knowledge, we show customers what to do, but they do most of the actual work themselves. As a result, customers receive sustainable value from the enhanced skill set of their own staff.


In addition to our core business consultancy, we also focus on knowledge sharing at events. We love to spread our knowledge, and do so by organizing events, speaking at conferences, and partnering up with other companies. We are proud of who we are. We are proud of the job we do. We are Xpirit.