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May 06 - 08 | 2024 Antwerp | Belgium


Hi! We are Sirus, a young and dynamic IT company from Merelbeke with a strong focus on software consultancy, software development and software architecture. Are you interested to expand your expertise in developing the architecture for IoT or Smart City solutions and in Big Data Projects? Or add to our proven track record in Microsoft solutions, which enables us to support companies in the short or long term for .NET and Microsoft 365 challenges.

We are proud to provide the best people who will help out our customers with their expertise and extensive knowledge.


Join the Sirus mission to NASA


At Sirus, we are constantly on the lookout for new talented people who want to develop their superpowers at our company. We stimulate the personal growth of our people and want our engineers to reach their full potential. We offer a flexible, ambitious and innovative working environment where long-lasting relationships can flourish. Whether you want to become a solution architect, data engineer, Cloud or .NET developer, at Sirus you get the chance to become the expert in your domain of preference!

We are looking for employees to support our projects as well as people who are willing to work on behalf of Sirus at a client for a fixed term assignment. Are you ready to use your powers for our cause?

Be sure to check our current consultancy, development and IT vacancies.

Start at Sirus in 2022 and join us on our trip to NASA in 2023!!