May 15 - 17 | 2023 Antwerp | Belgium



Transforming the World of Customs

We are setting the standard for the next generation of customs management. In an industry notorious for its complexity and fragmentation, C4T’s digital-first approach makes compliance convenient and simple.

Our mission: #1 Global Customs Solution

Customs4trade’s (C4T) unique team of customs experts and best-of-breed technology engineers has developed CAS, a one-of-a-kind SaaS solution that simplifies customs and trade compliance. CAS is a collaborative hub, designed to manage regional and worldwide customs formalities quickly and accurately, within one single platform. By automating import and export processes, C4T customers experience faster time to market, drastically reduce customs duty and administration costs, and gain strategic visibility into their customs operations. This visibility helps identify opportunities that allow customs organisations to go beyond compliance and contribute to their company's strategic growth. With great people, unique ideas, and pioneering technology, we are changing the future of customs. Our mission is to become the #1 global customs solution.

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