May 17 - 19 | 2021 Antwerp, Belgium

Solving the puzzle and shaping the final agenda!

Solving the puzzle and shaping the final agenda!

Last week our CFP for Techorama 2020 closed and in the last couple of days we have been working hard to scan/vote all sessions (1200+) that were submitted by people all over the world. Today (January 25), the full content team came together in Antwerp for an entire day to make the final calls and to find the right balance in the big list of conference sessions. Every year it's our duty to come up with a very diverse and attractive agenda for our 2-day conference. People coming to Techorama are buying a ticket to see a quality agenda with international and local speakers willing to share their knowledge and experiences. It has been a very intensive day but we are happy with the results.

Again we would like to thank everyone that submitted a session! Unfortunately we cannot give everyone a detailed explanation why they did not make the cut for the final agenda and we hope that those who will receive the reject email in the coming days will understand our decision.

For the accept and decline process we operate in 2 waves. The first wave will start in the next few days where the majority of the conference sessions will be confirmed. We don't want to send out decline emails yet because we need to wait for the final approval by the selected speakers. This allows us to incrementally finalize our agenda with some extra sessions. Don't panic yet if you haven't received your confirmation email as a speaker.

In the second wave (week of February 3) we will start sending the decline emails. For the people that get an email, please look at your Sessionize profile and check if we rejected all your submitted sessions or only a few. Some sessions will still be in the grey zone and we can only confirm/publish the final agenda by the end of February. Expect some intermediate public announcements on our website as from next week.