Almost there: again more speakers announced for Techorama 2017

Although we had expected to release all sessions but the keynotes today, we decided to split things up and keep some sessions under wraps until next week. We’ve just added another 13 speakers to the agenda:

  • Bert Brouns
  • Chander Dhall
  • Matt Ellis
  • Stephen Haunts
  • Kimberly Hermans
  • Seth Juarez
  • Jan Mulkens Gerald Versluis
  • Marcel De Vries
  • Jochen Zeiska
  • Roland Guijt
  • Frederick Bousson
  • Pieter Vanhove

All speakers can be found on the speaker page!

More speakers you say? No problem, we’ll be adding some extra ones again next week and the week after (6th March), we’ll be adding all Day 2 Keynotes!