Techorama 2018: Get Ready

We’re counting the days for 2017, that means that the Techorama buzz for the special anniversary edition in 2018 is about to start. To make things easy, here are some of the important things to note in your agenda!

  • On Monday 15 January, we are announcing 50% of the agenda. That means about 40-50 speakers will be announced for a total of about 75 talks.
  • This is the one to watch out for: Early bird tickets! Our tickets will go on sale on Monday, January 22 at 9:00 CET. We are doing the early bird a bit different this year (more on that later), but don’t expect them to last much longer than other years. Hint: last year, all early bird tickets were sold out in about 20 minutes…
  • Every week (for about 5 weeks), we are announcing another 10-15 new talks with extra selected speakers.
  • Keynotes will be announced early March.

We’re on the way to make this anniversary edition the biggest one yet. We’re hoping you’ll be able to cope with everything we have in mind…